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The Runaway Princess by Marinette

May 6, 2022
Sep 23, 2021

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About the Author

I'm Marinette! You can call me Mari. I'm 10 years old and I love reading, writing, drawing, and hanging out with friends. I want to become a Youtuber, actress, director, and fashion designer. I like traveling and cooking. That's all about me! 

The Runaway Princess by Marinette

There was a princess 👸 in a kingdom far away and her name was Kayla. But Kayla didn't want to be a princess. She wanted to be normal like you and me. She had one true friend named Vanessa. They wanted to hang out all the time: Have sleepovers, girls nights out, movie nights. But to her family, Vanessa was a peasant. So they had to hang out in secret. But one night, they got caught. Her parents had found Vanessa and Kayla watching a movie.

Queen Kamilla: Kayla! I told you not to hang around this peasant! And she is in our palace!?! You will be severely punished. But first, get her out!

Kayla: uh-oh run!

They run out the door and down the hallway and fly down the stairs. They slide out the door and into the city. They look around to try to find a place to hide. They have to think fast hearing Kamilla calling out behind them. Vanessa grabs Kayla and they hide in the trash.

Kamilla: Kayla! Where did you go?!?! I demand you come back! When you come back you will be punished!!

Kamilla walks off and the girls run to their secret hideout.

Vanessa: We need to get out of here...out of this city, out of this country, out of this state. Because if we don't, well, your parents will find us. They are the queen and king. 👑 They can find us as long as we are in this country. So pack up your things and we will leave.

Kayla: But how will I get my stuff from my room if it's in my house and my mom is in my house?

Vanessa: Your mom went down the street looking for you so we can go and pack up.

They go to Kayla's room and pack up her things.

Kayla: Okay, we've got everything now let's go!

They escape and head down the street to their secret hideout in the woods. The hideout had a very heavy security system. In order to get in it, you first have to, and let me remind you there are an infinite amount of trees—🌲 🌳 you have to find the right tree then knock on it and scan your hand and a trap door would open. Then, you are dropped into an underground hideout.

Kayla: Maybe we should stay in our secret hideout?

Vanessa: We can't stay here forever. We have to go to a different country, or a different state even. I'll buy us a plane ticket to Waikiki, Hawaii. There's a nice beach there we can go to too. I heard there are great restaurants too. It's far away from here. So, we should be fine.

Kayla: Okay. I'll pack up our things.

By the time Vanessa finished booking the plane tickets, 🎫 and hotel rooms, Kayla was finished packing everything in their suitcases 🧳.

Vanessa: Will we need to make undercover names? So if your parents find us, they won't know our names.

Kayla: Names aren't everything. We will need a total makeover. Also, when is the flight booked for?

Vanessa: Tomorrow at 5:30 AM.

Kayla: Okay, so when we get to Hawaii we can get a total makeover. We will look like whole new people!

They go to sleep in the bunker.

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