For educators

We’re building a new education system that puts kids, families and teachers at the center. Join our community of educators launching virtual courses and microschools where all kids have the opportunity to thrive.

Primer teachers have more autonomy with fewer students and fewer tasks to juggle. In other words, they have the space to make real impacts on all their students while doing the work they love.

How it works

Personalized learning in a small setting

Each Primer Microschool brings together a small group of students with an extraordinary in-person teacher from their community. Instruction is tailored to each child’s needs and interests through a blend of in-person and virtual learning. Students have the space to engage in real-world learning driven by their unique passions.

Do the work you ❤️

Join our community of divergent educators helping to build a system that puts kids, families and teachers at the center.

Expert virtual teachers

Teach a virtual course in the content area you love.

Our core academic educators focus on the content areas they love. They lead rigorous virtual courses with small cohorts and have the flexibility in their schedules to ensure all their kids can reach their potential each day.

This position is now closed

Extraordinary microschool leaders

Launch an in-person Primer Microschool in the community you love.

We make it easy for extraordinary educators to open and lead microschools in the communities they love. These leaders are experts at building deep relationships with families, prioritizing the social-emotional needs of their students, and supporting academic progress on the ground.

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Going live in August 2022!

Our pilot programs brought together amazing kids and teachers from Miami and beyond. Here’s what our pilot teachers had to say.

Primer provides autonomy for teachers. The compensation is respectful to the work teachers provide in designing curriculum and facilitating a fun and rigorous experience for students. My best experience as a teacher!

Iyinka W.

Primer gives teachers the independence to take matters into their own hands and make decisions that they think will best fit the needs of the children. It values teachers and sees them as leaders and professionals.

Hannah P.

Primer provides space for creativity and flexibility for teachers to become facilitators of learning. They not only introduce what students need to know but can also address who they are.

Myeshia B.

Primer provides a platform for virtual teachers to focus on the best part of the career, students, and curriculum. With small classroom sizes and freedom to create your own lessons, teachers have 100% agency. The collaboration between the virtual and in-person teacher is seamless.

Shamaa L.