Innovative approach to education: microschools

Nearly everything in America has changed in the last century – except schooling. It looks almost identical to how it did a century ago, with a one-size-fits-all approach, large class sizes, and personalization nowhere to be found. 

The only way to disrupt this cycle and free the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, more creative, and to think for themselves is to create a new kind of education experience – one where the goal is simple: to foster more independent learners. 

Independent learners have a sense of agency over their future. They have strong self-regulation and metacognitive skills and are deeply reflective about their strengths and weaknesses. Independent learners have a strong sense of purpose.

Purpose is what keeps us going. But if we’re only interested in short-term goals like passing exams, what happens when the goal is achieved? Teaching students who seem only motivated by threats and rewards and give every appearance of hating everything to do with school can be a joyless exercise. Teaching students whose purpose is to learn for its own sake is an altogether different proposition. They listen attentively, work conscientiously and strive to relate new concepts and information to what they already know. Having a purpose gives us the desire to master tricky content just because it’s there.

(Didau, Rose 2016)

Personalized learning

Discover your pace, achieve your goals

Nobody left behind. Nobody held back. Our core academics are self-paced, which means students move as fast – or slow – as they need to master each concept.  Each day they work with a partner through lessons precisely targeted to their level and get immediate feedback from Primer educators. When they reach the edge of their competency – or in simple terms, when they get stuck – a member of the Primer team is there to help. 

We’re sick and tired of kids growing up believing that “I’m not a math person” or “reading just isn’t my thing” – and we believe self-paced, personalized learning is the key to unlocking a love of these foundational skills.


A catalyst for self discovery

Space to pursue their dreams – no, really. Every afternoon at Primer is magic. We call this time Pursuits because this window is structured to give kids focused time to pursue the things that make them tick.

Whether they’re writing a book to publish on Amazon, starting a business, researching volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, or recording a song to release on Spotify – students are always in the driver’s seat. Through their work, the Primer team helps kids connect core academics to their passions, and develop important skills like creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Students work both independently and in small groups during this time, which helps them make meaningful connections and deepen friendships.

School that’s never one size fits all

Our schools are small, student-centered communities where students master skills, explore their passions, and receive one-on-one support from dedicated teachers. At Primer, students develop the skills and mindset they need to take control of their own education and become lifelong learners.