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We’re parents, educators, engineers, designers, and storytellers who have come together to build a new kind of education system.


Headshot of Primer CEO and Founder Ryan Delk

Ryan Delk

CEO & Founder
Headshot of Primer COO David Cavise

David Cavise

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Primer Head. of Education Lindsay Freeman

Lindsay Freeman

Head of Education
Headshot of Primer Head of Engineering Bojan Jovesky

Bojan Joveski

Head of Engineering

Janet Yen

Head of Business Operations

Arrel Gray

Head of Product

Garrett Spiegel

Head of Operations & Special Projects

Campus Leaders

Headshot of Microleader Monique

Monique Bridges

Liberty City

Julieta Rakover

Health District
Headshot of Microleader Rebecca

Rebecca Weinberg

Coconut Grove
Headshot of Microleader Vanessa

Vanessa Velazquez

Fort Lauderdale
Headshot of Jacksonville Microleader Jennifer

Jennifer Madrid

Headshot of Kendall Microleader Lourdes

Lourdes Echazabal

Headshot of Scottsdale Microleader Julia

Julia Piedmont

Headshot of Tempe Microleader Lauren

Lauren Oritz


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The next generation deserves a better education system. If we’re going to get this right, we need more bright, ambitious, hard-working, creative people working on it.

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